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Fear of needles and glucose monitoring don’t mix, and for many people with diabetes, glucose monitoring means fingersticks 3+ times a day. The DigiVibeTM Device reduces the pain and anxiety of checking your glucose levels, whether you’re not keen on needles or just weary of repeated finger pricks.

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Proven pain-relief technology

Specifically designed for blood glucose monitoring, DigiVibe applies vibration to your finger, blocking pain signals to your brain.

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Simple to use anywhere

DigiVibe adheres to any flat surface for hands-free use, making self-testing and diabetes management easier and more convenient than ever before.

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The comprehensive solution

The DigiVibe Starter Kit includes everything you need, with additional supplies and replacement parts available to reorder anytime.

The Familiar Fear of Needles.

Check out the video below to see how “Hugh” overcomes his fear of needles and no longer gets anxious about glucose monitoring.

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On pains and needles

The fear of needles is most common in children, but 20-30% of adults continue to fear them.1 Pain and finger soreness are the top reasons diabetics sometimes skip blood glucose testing,2 which makes it hard to effectively manage diabetes.

Only good vibes

The vibration that DigiVibe produces is perfectly tuned to block pain signals, for testing that’s barely noticeable. We can’t promise you’ll learn to like needles, but we bet your monitoring habits will get a whole lot better.

Sometimes One Secret Weapon Isn’t Enough. Want an Extra for the Road?

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DigiVibeTM Endorsements

Real reviews from doctors and medical professionals who have used DigiVibe

DigiVibe is pleasantly affordable. It’s difficult to find useful devices for my patients…

Dr. Marcelo Bendix, MD

Endocrinology – Diabetes and Metabolism

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I work with patients who have been monitoring glucose levels for the long haul, the joy they express when I have them test DigiVibe is unmatched

Ana Patricia Flipse

Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator

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This device is a very convenient way to assist patients who have fears of the finger-prick blood sampling process. I find it especially useful for children and new patients

Dr. Nick Quiroz

Physician Assistant

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