Bing Innovations Brought DigiVibeTM to Life.

How a passion project is making blood glucose monitoring less painful.


The Story of Invention.

Potential ways to prevent pain have been studied for generations. But one of today’s most universally accepted theories had a rocky start. In 1965, doctors Ronald Melzack, a Canadian psychologist, and Patrick Wall, a leading British neuroscientist, worked together to produce the Gate Control Theory of Pain.

The gist of their theory was that nerves which don’t transmit pain signals (non-nociceptive fibers), can interrupt signals from pain fibers to “short-circuit” the transmission of pain. Though their thinking was originally met with skepticism, its basic concept remains unchanged to this day.

Building upon that theory, in 2008 Dr. Steven Goldberg developed the concept of using vibration, specifically to minimize injection pain. He first recognized the challenges of the pain associated with dental injections during his years as a student at NYU. Later as a dentist in private practice, he invented the DentalVibeTM Injection Comfort System.

By 2011, Dr. Goldberg was collaborating with the Bresslergroup of Philadelphia, PA to produce the first DentalVibe device. In 2014, the DentalVibe team had accumulated a significant amount of anecdotal data from physicians who understood the concept and sought to relieve patient anxiety and pain during injections outside the mouth.

In April 2015, Dr. Mitchell Eichhorn published a study that detailed the efficacy of vibration in minimizing pain during plastic surgery. This further solidified our interest in creating a new device for use outside the mouth. Over the course of a year, our Bing Innovations team met with pediatricians, dermatologists and finally an endocrinologist to try and understand where vibration technology could best be utilized.

Dr. Marcello Bendix educated us on the scope of diabetes and the lack of compliance with blood testing due to the discomfort and fear of needles. This lack of compliance has led to severe and even life-threatening consequences. Armed with a mission, we spent the next thirty-six months designing a device that builds on the strong foundation of the DentalVibe device and includes features that make it perfect for regular blood sugar testing.

DigiVibe is an FDA registered Class 1 medical device.

Learn how it Works


Development of DentalVibe concept begins with the idea of using vibration to minimize pain surrounding oral injections.



DentalVibe released to market with consistently positive feedback from patients and physicians.
Clinical studies published confirmed the efficacy of DentalVibe.



Based on feedback from physicians, decision made to evolve Bing Innovations into a vibration technology company with a separate device to serve diabetes patients.



After extensive research and development, DigiVibe goes into mass production, ensuring diabetics worldwide can comfortably comply with their blood monitoring recommendations.


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