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Our proprietary technology helps block the pain signals of fingersticks.


Do needles make you nervous? Do you dread every time you have to stick your finger to test your blood sugar? Is the anticipation of the pain preventing you from monitoring your glucose as often as you need to?

While the fear of needles is most common in children, 20-30% of adults fear them as well. Maybe you are not afraid of needles, but let’s be honest, they hurt! Especially when you have to monitor your blood sugar multiple times a day. 

Pain and finger soreness are the top two reasons why people with diabetes sometimes skip their essential blood glucose testing. Not testing enough makes it challenging to effectively manage your diabetes or for your doctor to be able to accurately treat you.

We have a solution.

DigiVibe’s proven technology helps block the pain signals of finger sticks to allow you better manage your blood sugar. 




Cost Effective and Convenient

The DigiVibe device operates with just one AA lithium battery. We worked tirelessly to create a small yet strong enough motor to be powered by just one battery. The battery is designed to last for approximately 3 years or roughly 450 finger sticks for a single user.


Stability Through Suction

Being able to self-test your blood glucose levels is essential. DigiVibe makes it easier to stick your finger in almost any situation. The stand attaches securely to any flat surface for quick, efficient, and accurate finger sticking. There is no need to fumble around with the device, just place your finger underneath it for a few seconds and stick your finger.


The Right Spot Every Time

The secure tip helps you stick your finger in the right place every time. The DigiVibe tip is suited to fit both adult and child-size fingers for accurate testing.

Quick-Start Your Way to More Comfortable Monitoring.



Set up

Gently push the DigiVibe Tip onto the device until you hear a click. Slide the included DigiVibe Stand onto the DigiVibe and set on a flat surface, then simply push the suction activation button.



Power on

Turn the DigiVibe on and center your finger under the DigiVibe Tip. Allow the device to vibrate your finger for about 12 seconds.



Test glucose

As the device is vibrating your finger, collect your blood by fingerstick and continue with your typical glucose testing process. Easy peasy!


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Proven pain-relief technology Specifically designed for blood glucose monitoring, DigiVibe applies vibration to your finger, blocking pain signals to your brain.


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