Our Purpose

Bing Innovations is on a mission to make injection pain a thing of the past.

Our first product, DentalVibe™, was born from an idea that originated with Dr. Steven Goldberg, a dentist from Boca Raton, Florida. With an aim to increase patient comfort and improve the dental experience, Dr. Goldberg believed the use of vibration during oral anesthesia injections could either reduce or completely eliminate pain at the injection site.

With that concept in mind, our engineers at Bing Innovations got to work and designed the DentalVibe™ device. As a result, many happy patients—and dentists—have benefited from the over 10 million more- comfortable-less-stressful dental injections delivered with the help of DentalVibe™.

Building on the success of DentalVibe™, our team began researching ways our vibration technology could help improve patient comfort during other types of injections. That search led us to Dr. Marcello Bendix, an endocrinologist located in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Bendix explained that the finger-prick pain of blood glucose monitoring is too much for many of his patients—which is why some refuse to test their glucose levels. Although we weren’t sure if our vibration technology was a match for the ultra-sensitivity of the fingertips, Dr. Bendix asked us to give it a try.

Once again, our Bing Innovations team got to work. Four years later, the DigiVibe™ device was born. As a result, patients can now take control of finger-prick pain during glucose testing by applying DigiVibe’s vibration technology when and where they need it most.

But we’re not stopping there.

The impressive patient benefits made possible with DentalVibe™ and DigiVibe™ have fueled our passion to help even more. As a result, we remain on the hunt for new areas in which our vibration technology can help make injection pain a thing of the past.

More Comfort. Less Anxiety.

That’s Bing Innovations.