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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use DigiVibe?

Don’t stress, DigiVibe is easy to use, requiring only a few simple steps.
For full device information, check out the user manual.

  1. Before using your DigiVibe for the first time, please remove the battery tab protector and place the DigiVibe Tip onto
    the DigiVibe Device, then slide the device into the DigiVibe Stand.
  2. Place the DigiVibe Stand on a smooth surface and press the suction activation button on the side of the stand. Make sure to have your glucose monitor, test strips and lancing device set up and ready to take your sample as usual.
  3. Simply turn on your DigiVibe by pressing the on/off button. Next, place your finger under the vibrating DigiVibe Tip. Do not allow your finger to lose contact with the vibrating DigiVibe Tip until you have completed your test. Vibrate for at least twelve seconds BEFORE the needle stick and continue to vibrate until after the stick is completed.
How long do I need to place my finger under the tip before it will numb the pain?

Most users will begin with 12 seconds of vibration.

Am I able to order additional DigiVibe Stands for my device?

Yes. Click here to replace or order additional DigiVibe Stands and other accessories.

Are the DigiVibe Devices available in other colors?

Not currently. But the travel cases are available in multiple colors.

What colors does the travel case come in?

Charcoal, Twilight Blue, Light Fuchsia and Lenox Blue

If I need to replace a single item in my DigiVibe Starter Kit, can I just order that?

Yes. Click here to replace or order additional DigiVibe Stands, DigiVibe Tips, lancets, lancing devices and travel cases.

I can’t get my DigiVibe Device to turn on.

Check the battery to make sure it’s installed correctly.

The DigiVibe Device has a built-in temperature controller that will turn off the device in the event that it is left on for too
long. The device will then reset itself.

The DigiVibe Stand no longer holds my device still. What should I do?

If the DigiVibe Stand has lost its adhesive strength, simply remove the DigiVibe Device from the stand and wash the rubber suction with dishwashing detergent and wipe dry. DO NOT WET THE DEVICE.

If you want to replace your DigiVibe Stand, you can order a new stand here.

What is the estimated battery life for the DigiVibe?

The DigiVibe Device is designed to run on one AA lithium battery. The expected life of the battery is 450 fingersticks. An alkaline battery can be used for the device; however, it will only run the device for 80 fingersticks or approximately 30 days.

The DigiVibe Device’s vibration seems to be too low to eliminate the needle stick pain.

Your DigiVibe battery may be running low. Replace your battery with a new AA lithium battery.


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