Self-care strategies for Diabetics

Living well with diabetes can be a fun, healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle if you make it so.

It may feel challenging at times, but remember that you can manage your condition well by making it fun and a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle keeps your blood sugar under control and keeps your blood pressure and general well-being in check.

You have to discover the joy of living healthy and try to embrace it. 

Discover hobbies that you enjoy and explore, take time to rest and relax, and go out and socialize more often; this will help you improve your general well-being. 

Whether you’ve been diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for years now, here are great tips to tune it up and make it fun.

1. Make healthy meal choices: 

Living with diabetics does not mean you have to resign to a boring feeding lifestyle. Absolutely not! Eating healthy does not have to make feeding boring. Healthy feeding helps keep your blood sugar in check and your general well-being at its best. Many people with diabetes may be wondering, “What can I eat with diabetes”… there are a lot of things you can eat like a person with diabetes. All you have to do is be mindful of the portion, cooking method, and the food’s quality. 

Don’t be discouraged cause these few tips will make feeding healthy and fun for you. 

  • The plate method: the plate method makes meals easier to eat and more attractive. Fill half of your plate with a healthy non-starchy veggies, a quarter with healthy whole grains, and another quarter with lean proteins like salmon. Then you are good to go. 
  • Eat colorfully: Color adds beauty to the food. Fruits and vegetables of all colors will help ensure you get the correct nutrients and eat colorfully. There are many ways to get your meals colorful, from roasts to smoothies, soups, and salads. 
  • Healthy snacks: Having healthy snacks on hand will prevent you from turning to unhealthy foods when you are hungry and need to eat. Cheese, popcorn, nuts, hummus, or chips with guacamole are all healthy options for someone with diabetes.

2. Sleep, rest, and relax: 

What is better than a warm cozy bed? Absolutely nothing! After tracking your blood sugar, dosing insulin, and planning your meals. Taking time to rest and relax should be the next thing on your mind. The following tips will help you relax even better:

  • Meditate daily: Meditation is another easy way to relax and boost your mental health. Daily meditation can even help reduce your blood pressure and improve your sleep with many other benefits. Meditation can be done anywhere and doesn’t require more than a few minutes or any equipment. 
  • Take care of yourself: A healthy lifestyle helps you relax during stressful times. To ensure your body fights stress, you have to eat healthily, sleep well, exercise more, and get plenty of rest and sleep when you need them.
  • Socialize even more: this makes the whole thing fun. You can keep close friends and families to help you stay healthy and manage stress. You can spend time talking and laughing with them. When you need to share your feelings and problems with anyone, you can reach out to them.

3. Get moving:

Exercise makes your heart pump well and helps your body use insulin better. You don’t always have to go to the gym to involve in physical exercise. Instead, find and explore hobbies you will enjoy and want to continue. You can go on a brisk walk, swimming, dance, tennis, martial art, or any other physical activity that you would love to engage in. your activities should be at least “moderately intense,” which means that you will be able to sing and talk while doing it. I don’t know how to get started; follow these simple tips:

  • Hit the trail: Go hiking in nearby bushes, areas, or parks. This will help you stay active, but spending time in nature revives you, makes you feel happier and creates better concentration.
  • Find a flow: Starting a yoga routine may be your best bet. Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can help boost your general well-being and improve your strength, flexibility, and mental health.
  • Grow a garden: Not only does growing a garden provide fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables. It can also help you become active by increasing your strength and mobility. Growing gardening is an excellent way to spend time outdoor. 


4. Check your blood sugar regularly: 

Checking your blood sugar as often as possible helps you manage your diabetes better and keep your health at its best. You don’t have to poke your fingers all the time. You can use a tool like DigiVibe that reduces the pain to a point where most diabetics can’t even feel the pinch. It is essential to keep up with your blood sugar level to know when and how to feed and live even better.