What Can a Diabetic Eat at Wendy’s?

Diabetics feel the pull of delicious and convenient fast foods too!

To stay healthy, diabetics are tasked with monitoring our nutrition closely, but that certainly should not bar you from savoring your favorite grab n’ go fast food on occasion. One thing we have to keep in mind is that in addition to carbohydrates, we must keep tabs on fat in our food selections. At first, you might think, “Well that rules out dining at Wendy’s for me,” but in fact, you can, so long as you are selective and moderate in your choices.


Picking the right menu items at Wendy’s for Diabetics 

Whether you’ve stopped in for breakfast, your lunch break, or for a dinner, keeping an eye on nutritional values will be important. Keep tabs on the number of carbohydrates and the caloric serving size of your choices.

Carbs will sometimes change blood sugar levels more rapidly than lipids (fats) or protein intake. The majority of menu options at Wendy’s will contain carbs. Luckily some foods are inherently less carb-dense such as chicken, some types of meat, and eggs.

 The key to making the right selections for managing your blood sugar levels is to order items with fewer carbohydrates. Additionally, you should keep track of calories as to not take on more of these important nutrients than your body needs. A breakfast choice that you might opt for with this in mind is a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit (430 cal) because it contains protein and fats from the eggs and bacon along with carbohydrates from the biscuit. The balance of macronutrients will help you feel more satisfied than snacking on a handful of biscuits alone.

What about a burger for lunch? This classic lunchtime staple can be part of a healthy diet if you order thoughtfully. For a Dave’s Single Burger, total protein is 29g, total fat 37g, and total carbohydrate 37g. If your daily caloric intake leaves room for more, then you may consider a Dave’s Double which increases the total protein from meat without increasing the carbohydrate intake. 

Even though breakfast sandwiches and hamburgers in moderation can be part of your fast food routine, don’t forget that Wendy’s offers healthier options too. Diabetics can grab tasty bits such as the Southwest Avocado Salad which is a far more sustainable choice for those monitoring their glucose. Even though salads contain fewer carbs on average, don’t always assume that they’re low-carb. Check the nutrition facts to keep it real. 

A quick example that can illustrate the importance of checking nutritional facts, even when it comes to salads: the Parmesan Caesar Salad contains only 7g carbohydrate per serving while the taco salad contains 66g carbohydrate per serving. Even though at a glance both salads might look to be primarily veggie-filled, the addition of chips or croutons can make a significant difference when it comes to carbs.  

 Things Diabetics Should Stay Away From at Wendy’s

As we’ve seen, a small change like adding chips to a salad can make a significant difference for diabetics who are trying to make smart choices at Wendy’s. This might sound daunting, but consider the positive impact your decisions can make: choosing grilled chicken on a salad over crispy, avoiding cheese, or opting to increase the protein by getting a double burger only takes a second and can open up choices on the menu for you.

Here are some tips for avoiding sneaky extra carbs and calories

– Avoid crispy breaded chicken

– Avoid high-calorie burger items, these often contain extra carbs and more fat than you need to feel satisfied
– Sweet sides, such as sodas, milkshakes, and desserts should be avoided for their high sugar content
– Fried potatoes sides such as french fries and other breakfast items are packed with calories and should be avoided or carefully incorporated into your diet

To Sum It All Up

Wendy’s has options that can work with your diet but you need to order thoughtfully. Be mindful of the total calories for each item and how this can work within your daily nutritional limits. Your doctor and nutritionist will best be able to advise you on your personal needs. Armed with this powerful knowledge fast food can become something you no longer have to fear overdoing.

Don’t forget that many classic fast food favorites such as burgers can be enjoyed in moderation, but day-to-day choices should focus more on items such as salads. The great news is that healthier options are increasingly available at fast food establishments, so you don’t have to sacrifice convenience or deliciousness.

One Powerful Tip:

One of our favorite tips to help diabetics navigate fast-food choices is to create a game plan before you order. Everyone knows that it’s easy to get off track if you wait until you’re hungry to make your decisions. Visit the Wendy’s menu online to view detailed nutrition facts and you’ll be ready to place the perfect order when lunch rolls around!

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