What Can a Person With Diabetes Eat at McDonald’s?

For a Diabetic, who must carefully choose and monitor their nutritional intake, fast food isn’t the option when hunger strikes. 

But what happens when fast food is the only option available? 

With the almost 37,000 McDonald’s locations worldwide, there is a definite possibility that you will find yourself in one, looking for a meal that won’t send your blood sugar shooting through the roof. 

The good news is that you can enjoy sumptuous meals at Mcdonald’s. All you have to do is choose wisely and eat in moderation.  

Counting Carbs at McDonald’s for People with Diabetes

When choosing menu items at MC Donald, it is crucial to pay attention to the nutritional value of these meals. Whether you’re trying to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, knowing the number of carbs, fats, and another nutrient is the goal. 

Counting carbs is one of the most effective ways of controlling blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates can spike blood sugar levels faster than fats or proteins. 

McDonald’s has made it easy to access the nutritional information of whatever meal you have. This helps keep your number in check and in moderation. 

Many meal choices at McDonald’s contain carbs, but some are naturally low in carbs. E.g., A good breakfast idea for people with diabetes at McDonald’s could be an Egg McMuffin which will provide just 300 calories, 18grams of protein, and 12grams of fat, containing an estimated 30 carbohydrates. This warm breakfast accounts for only 10percent of the recommended. 

If you’re looking for something lighter alternatively, you can try Fruit n’ yogurt parfait. This is equally sensible with 300 calories and 30grams of carbohydrate. It may not be the most filling breakfast, but it is considered a healthy breakfast at McDonald’s and work better as a light snack.

It may be a bit more doozy when it comes to having lunch at McDonald’s for people with diabetes. You can have a burger for lunch. A hamburger may serve better with 31g of carbohydrates and 250 calories. An even better option if you’re craving something bigger is the Quarter Pounder which can be made leaner by leaving cheese. 

Aside from carbs, people with diabetes should also be mindful of fat. Unhealthy fats like saturated fats and other trans fat should be kept at a minimum by eating less than 10 percent of their calories. 

What Foods to avoid at McDonald’s if You Have Diabetes

As a person with diabetes, you can have fast food like McDonald’s or Wendy’s once in a while by opting for healthier options! 

Opt for grilled rather than fried or crispy chicken to keep the calories and fats down. Wash any of these meals down with unsweetened tea, black coffee, or plain old water for a thirst-quenching beverage that won’t spike blood glucose level.

Avoid sweet dressings such as Sweet Balsamic and Sesame due to their high sugar content. Instead, go for low-carb dressings such as Greek with olive oil and vinegar, or bring your own.

If you must have fries, consider having them in smaller quantities or, better still, opt for a healthier choice like Apple slices, which are about 15 calories and 4g of carbs. This has fewer calories from fat and a sodium reduction.

In conclusion, ordering fast food can leave you feeling anxious or overwhelmed if you’re making the right nutritional choice. McDonald’s does a great job of making this information clear. With this bit of extra information, you will be able to know if the meal you are about to take will affect your blood sugar.

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